When it comes to choosing the best method for growing your maintenance and support revenue, there are several viable options available to you. In this infographic, we’ve used the data from the 2015 TSIA Service Revenue Generation Benchmark Study to offer up three levers you can pull to increase your revenue. We’ve also outlined the effects on your business and examples of the types of results you can expect from each method.

3 Ways to Grow Your Support Revenue

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Julia Stegman

About Author Julia Stegman

Julia Stegman, is the former vice president of research, Service Revenue Generation, for TSIA and was with the company for 7 years. She has over 25 years of experience in the high-technology industry, and was responsible for driving the TSIA research agenda related to the growth of maintenance, SaaS, and managed service revenues as well as the expansion of product revenues with existing customers. 

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