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In response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, TSIA transformed its annual Technology & Services World (TSW) conference in San Diego, into a free virtual event, TSW Live!. Thousands of leading technology and services professionals gathered virtually on May 5th and 6th to learn how the industry is transforming and what actions leading companies are taking to emerge even stronger in the face of these challenging times. 

“The economic disruption of 2020 has changed the state of the tech industry. TSW Live! was a unique opportunity for technology and services professionals to get actionable insights on winning plays that companies are using in today’s environment,” says J.B. Wood, President and CEO of TSIA.

Now, more than ever, creating new best practices, and aligning organizations within technology companies, is the focus in the TSIA community and the industry at large. Attendees from around the globe were provided with real-world examples from leading tech professionals, and actionable takeaways, for success in the ever-changing economy.

TSW Live! kicked off May 5th with keynote speakers from TSIA, Google Cloud, Philips Healthcare, and Cisco, and continued May 6th with 12 focused sessions on the current state of the technology industry for Services, Product, Sales and Channel Teams. 

Day One: Keynote Takeaways 

Several recurring themes prevailed throughout the opening keynotes:

  • Leading tech organizations are changing their product and services offerings to accommodate customers who have been impacted by COVID-19.
  • The need for a strong recurring revenue model is more important now than ever before.
  • Looking forward is mandatory for creating solutions that will last through the current economy and beyond. 
  • The digital transformation has been sped up with the majority of the workforce accessing company tools remotely, and the increased consumer need for virtual services. 

The following speakers outlined their experiences with their customers, the impact of the pandemic on their own companies, and how they have modified their organizations to meet new demands for virtual services.

TSIA: Managing Through This Crisis 

J.B. Wood, CEO, TSIA, and Thomas Lah, Executive Director and Executive Vice President, TSIA, presented TSIA community takeaways and data-driven insights from member companies, along with strategies for navigating change.

 “As soon as your business model stabilizes you’ve got to think about refreshing your strategies and refreshing your priorities.” said Thomas.“You’ve got to be thinking about the trends that were in place before this crisis hit.”

As companies are forced to meet the demand for online services, rather than face-to-face, product features must be reprioritized. J.B. and Thomas outlined the importance of using this “pitstop,” to reevaluate and emerge stronger with offerings and recurring revenue models. 

“The reality is there are more business decisions being made right now to deal with this rapidly evolving scenario than there have been before this,” said J.B. Wood, CEO, TSIA. 

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Executive Discussions with Google, Cisco, and Philips Healthcare: Business Continuity and Managing During Unprecedented Times

Google Cloud

John Jester, Vice President, Google Cloud Customer Experience, explained that Google Cloud platforms are seeing an increase in usage. To emphasize this growth, John highlighted that Google Classroom went from 50 million to over 100 million in a little more than a month.

“We are seeing two big themes,” he explained. “One theme is doing things remotely. We’ve seen a high rate for our G Suite platform and specifically Google Meet. The second theme, that I think is bigger, is that we are seeing customers accelerate their digital transformation now.” 

As our world has been impacted by the current crisis, there is a growing trend toward pushing the digital transformation even faster. 

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“When this [the pandemic] first happened, we were not worried about selling anything, we were worried about engaging everyone,” said Maria Martinez, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Cisco. 

For Cisco, this meant offering some of their services for free, she explained. Cisco’s mission has been to connect people with their technology, which they have done by allowing many of their services and products, including WebEx, to be accessed at no cost. 

As far as the longer term outcome, Mariai predicts big changes ahead for the “new normal.”

“I definitely am convinced there is going to be a big acceleration of digital transformation. I think work from home is here to stay. For example, most of the jobs we are seeing we are more efficient as we do this,” Maria said. “Even the way our personal lives are. Our entertainment is going to change.”

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Philips Healthcare

For Jamie Osborn, XaaS Business Leader at Philips Healthcare, the opportunity to change their customer model to predominantly “as-a-service,” has never been stronger as high-priced medical equipment inventory is at a record high, but the need will taper off. In an as-a-service model, this equipment would be available only when needed. 

“Within Philips Healthcare, there is a personal empathy, and dedication to make sure we are a part of the situation and not creating any problem.”

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Industry Scenarios: How Do Technology Companies Set Up for Success Post Crisis?

J.B. Wood and Thomas Lah returned to deliver the final day one keynote, focusing on what companies can do to prepare for the future.

“There’s no doubt that this [pandemic] will be a boost toward moving to cloud-based, more remote offers, as a trend. It’s also likely a move toward consumption based pricing,” said J.B.

Thomas emphasized that recurring revenue models are key to surviving economic storms. The need to be forward-thinking in all decisions should help companies prepare for success. Additionally, Customer success will need to step up and prove that they can drive commercial growth in customers, and this is the optimal time to do it.

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Day Two: Breakout Sessions

Below are the 12 breakout sessions focused on enterprise IT and telecom, consumer technology, healthcare and healthcare IT, and industrial equipment and technology. 

Customer Success | Everything Will Change: How COVID-19 Becomes the Accelerator for Customer Success

Phil Nanus, VP, Customer Success Research, TSIA
Watch Now

XaaS Product Management | Portfolio Strategies for the Digital Age

Laura Fay, VP & Managing Director, Offers Research, TSIA
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Managed Services | The Impact of COVID-19 on Managed Services

Jeff Connolly, Senior Director, Managed Services Research, TSIA
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Expand Selling | Re-Start Your Growth Engines: XaaS and Your Existing Customers

Steve Frost, VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research, TSIA
Watch Now

Professional Services | Professional Services Best Practices for the Pandemic … And Beyond

Bo Di Muccio, Distinguished VP, Professional Services Research, TSIA Dave Young, Senior Director, Professional Services Research, TSIA
Watch Now

Field Services | Successfully Partnering with 3rd Parties in Field Services

Vele Galovski, VP, Support and Field Services Research, TSIA
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Subscription Sales | The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Sales

Martin Dove, VP, Subscription Sales Research, TSIA
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XaaS Channel Optimization | Using Your Pitstop to Assess Channel Capabilities for XaaS

Anne M. McClelland, VP, XaaS Channel Optimization Research, TSIA
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Support Services | Reactive and Predictive and Prescriptive Support . . . Oh My! 

Vele Galovski, VP, Support and Field Services Research, TSIA
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Service Revenue Generation | Critical Inputs to a Successful Renewal Strategy

Jack Johnson, VP, Service Revenue Generation Research, TSIA Jodie Paxton, VP, Service Revenue Generation Research, TSIA
Watch Now

Technology | Building the Digital Infrastructure for Sales

John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Technology Research, TSIA Omar Fdawi, Senior Research Associate, TSIA
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Education Services | Customer Training in the Time of Coronavirus

Maria Manning-Chapman, VP, Education Services Research, TSIA
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TSIA is Here for You

We understand that our member companies, the technology industry, and the world at large have been impacted by COVID-19. Whether you are prepared for Revving or Retooling, now, more than ever, we need to work together to get through these challenging times. TSIA is committed to providing visibility as quickly as possible into the changing industry trends and practices that come as a result of COVID-19. Visit our Rapid Research Response Initiative resource page for more information.

If you have any questions related to how COVID-19 is impacting your organization, we’re here to help.

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