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Exclusively available to TSIA members, TSIA Advisory Services can help you achieve your desired business outcomes even faster by directly engaging our team of research experts. Through Speaking, Workshops, Advisory Sprints, and Capabilities Assessments, you can educate and align your team, get focused advisory, receive a customized plan of action for business transformation, and measure your performance against the industry. In this infographic, you’ll see examples of how TSIA members have taken advantage of our various Strategic Services offerings to achieve specific business results.

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Thomas Pridham

About Author Thomas Pridham

Tom Pridham is the former senior vice president global accounts and advisory services for TSIA. In this role, he was responsible for helping TSIA member companies accelerate achievement of their priority business outcomes utilizing TSIA Advisory Services, such as speaking engagements, workshops, and focused advisory. Tom also worked closely with a select number of key TSIA member companies to help them find the quickest path to top-line revenue growth, bottom line profitability, and operational excellence by leveraging TSIA’s resources and strategic advisory in the most effective manner.

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