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Creating A Strong Relationship Between Professional Services and Customer Success

Technology Summit to Help Accelerate Value Realization

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Customer engagement is like a dance, one where customer success and professional services teams usually find themselves as partners. But who takes the lead and how can they work together to ensure successful implementations and enable the desired outcomes? 

To answer this question and others surrounding it, TSIA hosted a two-hour technology summit: “Creating A Strong Relationship Between Professional Services and Customer Success to Accelerate Value Realization.” 

Participants heard from both customer success and professional services leaders about how to craft this partnership, the rules of engagement between Customer Success (CS)  and Professional Services (PS), and the role of technology in empowering these teams to facilitate customers rapidly receiving the anticipated business value and ROI.

TSIA data shows that the primary charter of both Customer Success and Professional Services is enabling product adoption and customer value. We also explored how Professional Services helps drive the other primary charters of customer success, retention, and expansion.

How Customer Success and Professional Services Engage With Customers

One of the most critical prerequisites of customer success is having an implementation that meets expectations, focuses on the critical capabilities required by the customer, and enables them to achieve their desired outcomes faster and easier.

According to TSIA’s Customer Success Benchmark, 70% of companies have customer success managers (CSMs) engage with the customer either before or immediately after contract close, so the CSM is already connected to the customer and goes through the implementation journey as an active participant. 

But how is this playing out in technology companies? Is the CSM involved in the project, are they ensuring customer requirements are being honored, or are they just serving as an escalation point? 

Watch TSIA's Technology Summit On-Demand Today!

Watch the Technology Summit to Learn

  • What role CS managers play in technology implementations, and how their time is accounted for in project budgets.
  • How PS and CS collaborate for successfully onboarding customers, including both administrator and end user training.
  • Measuring the success of technology implementations, and how this factors into customer health scores.
  • The role of PS in delivering for-fee success services, and how these post-implementation projects are staffed and managed.

Who You'll Hear From

To ensure all perspectives are covered on this expansive topic, TSIA assembled an impressive lineup of speakers with real-world experience and tested solutions, including: 
  • Host and Moderator: John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems, TSIA
  • Steve Felon, VP, Customer Success, Birdview PSA
  • Lori Ellsworth, VP, Product Management, Professional Services Cloud, FinancialForce
  • Easton Taylor, VP, Customer Success, Gainsight
  • Adrian Speyer, Head of Community, Higher Logic
  • Peter Fitzpatrick, Chief Adoption Officer, Kimble
  • Gayle Lassen, VP, Professional Services, Mavenlink

 August 5, 2021

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