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If you were at our Technology Services World conference in Las Vegas last month, you likely heard a ton of buzz around TSIA Outcome Chains, our SaaS solution that ties TSIA research, best practices, and frameworks to specific business objectives. That’s because here at TSIA, we’re excited about what Outcome Chains provides our members: a proven path to achieving their desired outcomes. Whether you’re new to TSIA or have been a member for years, here’s a list of 5 things you should know about TSIA Outcome Chains.

TSIA Outcome Chains is an easy-to-use SaaS experience that makes consuming TSIA's vast vault of research and insights simpler than ever before.

1. TSIA Outcome Chains is Included with TSIA Membership 

For a refresher on exactly what TSIA Outcome Chains can do for you, you can read more about it in this previous blog post. Put simply, TSIA Outcome Chains is an easy-to-use SaaS experience that makes it simpler for you and your organization to consume TSIA's vast vault of research and solve your biggest challenges. If your company is a TSIA member, you already have access to this intuitive tool, hand-delivering you the extensive library of content that comes with your subscription to your chosen TSIA research areas

2. Each TSIA Outcome Chain is Crafted by Our Research Executives

When you need a way to get everything you need to solve a key business challenge you’re having, our dedicated team of researchers have the right know-how and research to help you out. Each TSIA Outcome Chain is designed by a TSIA research executive that pairs the right research, tools, and advice you’ll need to reference in order to follow a clear path to success in an easy-to-consume format.

Not only does TSIA Outcome Chains provide you with a means to access our research expert’s best thinking on how to tackle a specific topic or challenge your organization may be facing, it also provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Assess your organization’s current performance based on industry-proven best practices and data.
  • Customize the template by applying your own terminology, adding internal documents, editing links, creating storylines and descriptions.
  • Execute leveraging TSIA data insight and best practices in conjunction with current organizational capabilities to prioritize closing operational gaps on the path to becoming the pacesetter.

3. You'll Find Data in a TSIA Outcome Chain That You Can't Access in the Member Resource Center

From TSIA research, benchmark data, conference presentations, best practices, frameworks, and more, you’ll have access to even more contextual insight you can directly apply to your operation.

TSIA outcome chains  

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Here's a screenshot of one of the TSIA Outcome Chains currently available to our Field Services members.

4. It’s Mobile-Friendly

TSIA Outcome Chains can be accessed on any device, anytime, anywhere. With this level of convenience, everyone on your team will always be equipped with TSIA’s best thinking.

5. Outcome Chains Makes TSIA Research Easy to Consume

Since its launch, TSIA Outcome Chains has delivered a 450% increase in TSIA content consumption by our members. With storylines, a presentation mode for easy sharing to stakeholders, and an easy-to-use interface, this solution was designed from the ground up to help you achieve your service business outcomes more effectively and with less effort.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular TSIA Outcome Chains among members for each of TSIA’s research areas:

Customer Success:

  • Reduce Churn
  • Establish Customer Success

Education Services:

  • Optimize the Education Services Pricing Strategy
  • Drive Adoption via Certification

Expand Selling:

  • Generate Leads through Services Touchpoints with Expand Selling
  • Create Customer Engagement Models for Expand Selling 

Field Services:

  • Develop Differentiated Field Service Offers
  • Drive Adoption through Field Services

Managed Services:

  • Build the Managed XaaS Offer
  • Improve Managed Services Delivery Efficiency 

Professional Services:

  • Increase Professional Services Revenues
  • Optimize Professional Services for XaaS

Service Revenue Generation:

  • Increase Renewal Rates with Analytics
  • Monetize Customer Success Plans

Support Services:

  • Align Support Processes to Deliver Outcome Based Support
  • Optimize Knowledge Sharing for Support Services

To see what else is currently available, view the complete list available TSIA Outcome Chains here.

The next time you have an initiative, ask yourself, “Is there an Outcome Chain for that?” Chances are there is, and you’re already one step closer to achieving your objectives. 

TSIA Outcome Chains isn’t an experiment, it’s the future of research. – J.B. Wood, President and CEO, TSIA

How to Get Access to TSIA Outcome Chains

If you’re already a TSIA member, make sure to create your account so you can access all of your available Outcome Chains. If you have questions, your member success manager can help.

how to register for tsia outcome chains  

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Here's how to learn more about TSIA Outcome Chains from the TSIA member homepage.

Not a member yet? Contact us today to request a membership briefing and learn more about how TSIA can help you solve your biggest business challenges. 

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