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As technology companies rapidly move toward subscription-based (XaaS) business models, their traditional sales and service motions are under pressure. They need to secure large recurring revenue streams to make up for what used to come in the form of large, one-time, up-front technology purchases. They need to grow service revenue, but in many cases, their Sales people are struggling with the adjustment to XaaS, and services can become an afterthought (if they’re thinking about it at all).

The best way to grow revenue efficiently is by focusing your efforts on your existing customers. But to do it well, you can’t just apply the same processes that you have to landing new customers. You need to involve Services and Customer Success teams in your expand selling efforts. To help you get started in your own plan for growing existing customers, I’ve gathered together my top recommended and publicly-available resources.

1. [Blog] What is Expand Selling?

In this blog post, I go over the basics of what expand selling is, why it’s critical to your bottom line, how Services and Customer Success teams can be integral in achieving it, and how you can get started.

TSIA Expand Selling research provides clear guidance on how to utilize Services and Customer Success teams in the Sales process for cost-effective revenue growth from existing customers.

Read the blog here!

2. [Video] The E in LAER: Driving Expand Revenue with Services

In this series of 5 short videos, I share vital tips on how Services can work with Sales and Marketing to increase spending from your existing customers. These tips include generating and leveraging account intelligence, getting Services to participate in the sales process in creative ways, generating leads through Services touchpoints, and closing more upsells and cross-sells with the help of Services and Customer Success.

Watch all of the videos here!

3. [Blog] Touchpoint Calculus: Why Sales Can Do It for Themselves

Services teams have far more interaction with customers than Sales, allowing them to build relationship equity and become the customer’s trusted advisor. Sales can use these Services touchpoints to unlock new upsell and cross-sell opportunities that will help customers achieve their desired outcomes with their technology purchases.

Touchpoint Calculus is a very fancy term we at TSIA use to capture the idea that your Services and Customer Success teams interact with your customers at a rate 5-15x that of your Sales teams. These interactions are generally within the context of helping a customer solve a problem and are happening with some of your best technical engineers and problem solvers.

Read the blog here!

services interacts with customers more than sales  

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Your Sales team interacts with the customer once, but that customer will interact with your Services teams 5-15 times more on an ongoing basis throughout the life of their contract.

4. [Webinar] How to Find Leads for Services

Most of the time, if service offerings aren’t attached to the initial purchase, they’re not sold at all. But regardless of this missed opportunity, your customers still need your help throughout their life cycle. So where do you find leads for Services? In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn where to find new opportunities for services with existing customers, how to package these offers for Sales teams, and how to enable Sales to act on these leads more efficiently.

Watch the webinar here!

5. [White Paper] Engaging Services and Customer Success in the Sales Process

In this paper, I explain how having an expand selling strategy is a far more effective and efficient way to generate revenue when compared to the cost and effort of acquiring new customers. I go over the 4 stages of engaging Services and Customer Success in the sales process, how and why you should involve your Services teams in revenue generation, and provide guidance on getting started with your own customer expansion strategy.

Download the paper here!

Want to Sell More to Your Existing Customers? Need to Hit Your Service Revenue Targets? TSIA Can Help

From startups to the Fortune 100, technology companies all over the world rely on TSIA to help them increase revenue from their existing customers. We’d be delighted to have a conversation with you around your company’s unique challenges and how the research can help you achieve cost-effective growth, so please contact us to learn more.

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