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TSIA has the world’s largest vault of board-ready data insight in the technology and services industry. But, with the busy schedule of the average service executive, it’s up to our dedicated Member Success team to ensure that our members are absorbing the most relevant content they need to solve their top business challenges, from research reports, business frameworks, quick tools, and more. The relationship between TSIA and our members is founded on open communication and trust, and aims to deliver the results-driven, customized attention that is the core mission of our Member Success team. Here’s a glimpse into how that relationship works, from member onboarding, developing customized success plans, and engaging our large community of services professionals to ensure your tech organization gets the results you want, even faster.

1. Identifying Priorities Through Initiative Mapping

First, I’d like to talk a little bit about how TSIA onboards new members. Often, membership will start with an Initiative Mapping Questionnaire (IMQ), which helps us learn more about your top priorities and business goals. If you’re already familiar with your organization’s strengths and pain points, this questionnaire should take only 5 minutes. From there, your assigned member success manager (MSM) will work with the TSIA Research Team to come up with a list of recommended resources that align with the business priorities you shared with your MSM.

Whichever method suits you best, TSIA aims to have a variety of options for consuming our growing collection of membership resources.

During this initial initiative mapping process, it’s important that you take into consideration which types of resources you prefer, being realistic about what you feel would be the most effective way to digest TSIA insight and/or pass this insight on to your team. For some services executives, a call with a TSIA research executive, known as a TSIA Research Inquiry is the easiest way for them to get the answers they need. If this is the case, TSIA research executives are then able to plan ahead and build a number of scheduled inquiries into their strategic initiatives or support high-level conversations with data-driven insight. 

For some members, self-service is the way to go. By using TSIA Outcome Chains to see the broader picture and the attachments within each Outcome Chain, they are able to dive deeper into TSIA research, strategize with their team, and reach out to TSIA if they need additional guidance. Whichever method suits you best, we aim to have a variety of options for consuming our growing collection of membership resources. 

2. TSIA Member Success Plans

To further help our members achieve their goals through a more structured process, TSIA is proud to announce that we now offer TSIA Member Success Plans to our entire membership community. This document, designed around each member company’s most pressing service business initiatives, can help with strategic planning, high-level decision-making, and execution via your Service teams. In your company’s TSIA Member Success Plan, you’ll find recommended reports, benchmarks/surveys, TSIA Outcome Chains, research inquiries, TSIA Strategic Services engagements, and more that align directly with your company’s high-priority initiatives. 

[TSIA Member Success Plans] are designed around each member company’s most pressing service business initiatives and can help with strategic planning, high-level decision-making, and execution via your Service teams.

Your unique TSIA Member Success Plan is designed to grow as your company evolves. As your company’s initiatives change, or if certain goals have been accomplished, you can then communicate with your MSM so that more relevant action items and next-step resources can be recommended. Think of it as being similar to S.M.A.R.T. goals for the organization with a specific timeline and action items to equip services executives with the insight needed to achieve their targeted outcomes. 

3. Engaging the TSIA Community

The best way to derive the most value from your TSIA membership is to stay involved, both in actively consuming our constantly updating stream of relevant content, as well as interacting with our extensive community of over 35,000 technology and services professionals. For example, TSIA hosts two annual conferences in the spring and fall, Technology Services World, where technology and services practitioners gather to learn about current trends, see the latest innovations, and engage with the best and the brightest minds the technology industry has to offer. TSIA Membership includes a number of vouchers for your teammates to attend these conferences. These conferences are a great way to directly engage with our researchers, learn from the experts, network with other professionals and members, and get tips and tricks you can take back to the office and share with your colleagues.

Get to Know Your TSIA Member Success Manager

Think of your TSIA member success manager as an extension of your team, helping you to tackle your service business initiatives and overcome any challenges you might be facing. If you’re already a TSIA member but don’t know who your MSM is, reach out to us at info@tsia.com and we can help make the introduction. If you’re not already a TSIA member, contact us today to learn how TSIA is helping the top companies in tech solve key business challenges and remain competitive in our ever-changing industry.

Also, be sure to register (and use those vouchers!) for our upcoming Technology Services World conference, taking place May 7-9 in San Diego, where we'll be learning about how to successfully blend your Service and Sales motions to unlock even more revenue potential while keeping your customers happy. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Jasmine Pilar

About Author Jasmine Pilar

Jasmine Pilar is a member success manager for TSIA. In this role, she works closely with TSIA member companies to match them with the right TSIA resources, tools, and research to help them solve their top business challenges. As part of the Member Success team, Jasmine is dedicated to ensuring TSIA member companies have the best possible experience, which she achieves through collaboration with the TSIA Research and Analytics teams, open communication with TSIA members, problem solving, and her extensive knowledge of TSIA resources and offers.