Jodie Paxton

Sr. Director, Service Revenue Generation Research

Jodie Paxton is the senior director of service revenue generation research for TSIA. In this role, she works closely with members to provide insights and best practices on how to develop service offers and monetize recurring revenue models.

With over 16 years as a strategist and thought leader in the services technology industry, Jodie has held various roles where she was responsible for developing and marketing services portfolios, monetizing the contract renewal management process and actively participated in change management of delivery organizations.

Prior to joining TSIA, Jodie held various service focused positions at Oracle, Genesys, and Sun Microsystems, where she grew service revenue through enhanced offers and market awareness.

Jodie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from U.C. Santa Barbara.

Jodie is a regular contributor to the TSIA blog on the topics of service revenue generation, adoption services, and renewal.

Jodie Paxton